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Since the inception of the company, we have been serving the farming community for more than four decades.

Opex is the first company in Sri Lanka to manufacture speciality liquid fertilizers for local and international market. It has been the pioneer in the field of INM (Integrated Nutrition Management) in Sri Lanka.

In our core, we strongly believe in fighting against malnutrition, assuring food security with tox-free plant nutrition product, which are free of PGR and heavy metals. We are driven with Sincerity, ethics and honorability, which distinguish us among the rest.

We strive to provide the best quality input for all crops. As we believe in 'Farmer First' , We are strongly committed to the betterment of the farming community by providing them World Class solutions at an affordable price.

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Customers partner with Opex

  • Excellent product portfolio consisted of propriotory products.
  • Excellent technical and after sales support which is developed from the ground level.
  • The best logistical advantage being in Sri Lanka. Close proximity to Asia, Middle East and East Africa resulting lower freight cost and faster lead time.
  • Premium Quality.
  • Ethical and Honorable innovative values.
  • packing as per customer requirements from 10ML sachet packets to 1000L IBC tank.
  • Ability to provide containers with different products with MOQ of 4KL.



Inauguration of Specialty Liquid Fertilizer Plant

Opex Holding (Pvt) Limited a pioneer company in the field of agriculture with over 40 years of experience has started manufacturing liquid fertilizer with an investment of Rs. 550 million. This first liquid fertilizer plant in South Asia will be inaugurated in Maradagamuna.

This is a bid to slash the fertilizer import bill which is around Rs. 28 billion annually. All developed countries have moved away from the use of basic fertilizer which has reduced by 20% with the use of liquid fertilizer, said Onesh Subasinghe Managing Director.

The objective of Opex is to commence the production of high quality liquid fertiliser with the use of advanced German technology. The company also intends to create a platform to sell high quality liquid fertilizer for a reasonably lower price. In the meantime the company is also looking for avenues to bring foreign exchange to the country by exporting the liquid fertiliser to foreign countries too.


Another major objective of Opex is to help the economy to reduce the Rs 28 billion that is spent on importing of fertilizer. Opex further expects the farmers to receive higher harvest. It is also environmental friendly and will cost lesser due to its distribution of liquid fertilizer expanding island wide.

He said that the liquid fertiliser that they manufactured using advance technology can reduce the water stress in a drought condition.

“Around 40% of paddy fields have been abandoned due to drought and this liquid fertilizer can solve this issue too. This technology will produce higher harvest even in a drought condition”.